Voice Recorder Based On Uart/RS232 Control


G711 Voice Recorder Board

this voice recorder based on a Arm7 TDMI processor,it receives command from uart/RS232 interface,store voice in a SD Card based on G711 A-Law encoder.

user can send start record command to this recorder,and then recorder will work, generate a  *.wav  file in SD acrd,and record the voice from a expend Micphone and save the data to wav file

user can send stop record command to unit,and unit will stop work.if user want get the data in sd card fom a far distance,user can send trans data to host command,unit will send recorded file to the host through a 10meters length RS232 Cable.

this unit is very cool when you want to monitor a place.in fact this unit has worked well

in bus for driver-monitor,police or consol can conduct when bus have accident


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